The center channel dilemma

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The center channel dilemma

Post by serge instrumental »

For any dy speaker building kits, from those choosing d'Appolito L&R speakers have some problems choosing a center channel. Because (from what I've read) d'Appolito configuration (WTW) gives better horizontal dispertion(wider) compared to vertical dispersion(narrowest possible is the best)

But using d'Appolito conffiguration to the center channel brings you a shift in dispersion, not the wanted effect to say the least.

So my question is: what would match the dispersion charracteristics of the d'Appolito system for a center channel?

A tree way system(mid-high vertically aligned, with two woofers) or a full-range driver as a simple solution?

As far as I know, I should match the dispersion charraracteristics of my main speaker system. The discussion is opened :wink:
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Re: The center channel dilemma

Post by gullfo »

this is a home theater or cinema post room? if using a large project screen - using one which is acoustically transparent - the speakers could all be vertical behind the screen. like in the movie theaters :-) another option is place the center horizontal below the screen (which is centered between the LR speakers. assuming the view screen supports the appropriate widths.
are there going to be more speakers in the room? like 5.1, 7.2, 10.2.2, 14.4.2? etc etc? if so, the dispersion of the center speaker might not be as critical, or you might focus on the center as most critical and adjust all the others to match that dispersion.
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Re: The center channel dilemma

Post by DanDan »

I guess there is always a problem or compromise with the centre channel. Ideally it should be where the eyes are looking.
There are many three ways speakers which have a rotatable HF MF pod.
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