Wall Bounce Calculator

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Wall Bounce Calculator

Post by barefoot »

I've developed an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the "wall bounce" effect of the front wall on your near field monitor's response - independent of other room effects. Wall Bounce is caused by sound waves radiating towards the back of the monitor, reflecting off the front wall, and then interfering with the direct sound waves from the monitor at the listening position. The spreadsheet assumes the monitor has a flat anechoic response down to the lower cutoff frequency.

The basic input parameters are as follows:

D = the distance from the front of the monitor to the front wall
L = the distance from the front of the monitor to the listening position.
W = the width of the speaker
F3 = the lower -3dB speaker cutoff frequency

The spreadsheet also allows you to input absorption coefficients for the wall material.

All dimensions are in centimeters. Setting D = 0 simulates the effect of flush mounting the nearfield.

Hope you find this interesting and helpful!:)

Thomas Barefoot
Barefoot Sound
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Post by John Sayers »

Hope you find this interesting and helpful!

yup - cool program mate :):)

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Post by HKC »

What are the wall absorbent coefficient figures for, I don´t understand them but I´m pretty new to this.
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Post by bpape »

When using the wall coefficient numbers, do you want what's directly to the side of the monitors, an average of the wall, or the reflection point absorbtion numbers?

Thanks. Handy tool by the way.

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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator

Post by parkerlindsey »

Hi barefoot

I think we can call it a real innovation. Good work Buddy! Hope it works as you are thinking.
Let me know if you make any recent developments to it.
Good Luck.
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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator

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parkerlindsey, why are you digging up old threats?
Are you a spammer perhaps?
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