Building anew studio complex in Istanbul

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Building anew studio complex in Istanbul

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Dear John,

We are a jingle company called JingleHouse - Istanbul recently we bought a 470 sqm on 5 floors building and would like to knock it down and build a studio complex with six control rooms 3 recording rooms and a mastering suit. Since we dont have to much options in terms of studio designers in our country we are looking for professional aid from international designers.During my 20 years of music life I had to built 7 studios myself in which 4 of them I am still working.But this time its complicated since the building is an historical one and it has to be rebuilt exact outlook as it was before and its between two neigbour buildings connected them by the walls and I have much less time to work on it (I have to compose more to make money :D ).A construction company is already involved and they assume to finish the building with outside walls only till august 2008.Will you be interested in such a project or would you suggest someone to us.if you are interested then I can send you some cad files and pics of the building to start talking about budgeting. Awating your reply very best regards Omer