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Studio design cost

Post by soulshock7 »

I've been designing a studio with a builders program I have. But even with all the sources online ,I was still wondering if I should consult a professional before I give the designers and the builders my version of my floorplan. What are your prices.
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Post by andrebrito »

That would have to be your decision.

The only site I know that has its prices available is

I personally setup a price with a client depending on the type of project to be created. I have low prices for a home-studio tips regarding acoustical treatment but designing a studio is a entire new process so I prefer to discuss first what the client really wants before I setup a price.

Also building a studio deals with other aspects than acoustics so even if you hire someone for the design of the studio you will still need others to deal with HVAC, wiring etc or the person doing the project will hire someone else to do it for you (unless he is Rod he can do everything :lol: :lol: ) :-)
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