Studio Wiring Management

How thick should my walls be, should I float my floors (and if so, how), why is two leaf mass-air-mass design important, etc.

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Studio Wiring Management

Post by Sinclair »

Wiring for my studio will be going in next week. I have the plates and half of the soldering done. Recently there's been discussion about the troughs and the somewhat bulky appearance. Of course this is all comes up after they're built and ready to be installed. (I hate backtracking)
Even though functional, they could be narrower and taller to take up less floor space.
Here's a picture of what we have. Tops not pictured.
My question is has anyone used the Legrand Wiremold raceways or the equivalent?
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Re: Studio Wiring Management

Post by gullfo »

i usually make them the same width/depth as the wall treatments so there is some symmetry to it :-) so if my wall treatments are (mostly) 4" (100mm) deep, then my wire trough is 4" (100mm) and i like to put a lid on them to keep out the dust. nothing fancy on the lid - just make sure it's not vibrating so something like a sand snake (long narrow socks filled with sand in plastic) in the trough slightly compressed by the lid does it.
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