Help needed to finish studio build designed by John

How thick should my walls be, should I float my floors (and if so, how), why is two leaf mass-air-mass design important, etc.

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Re: Help needed to finish studio build designed by John

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The Sonarworks Mic is probably the same as many of the sub 100 Bucks mics. Good value. Be sure to use the correct Cal File for 'other' software and point the mic in the direction specified by that Cal file. It is always worth knowing the Modal Map of a room. So Speakers/Subs all in one corner on the floor, Mic at opposite corner. To be thorough do the same again with another two tricorners. I think 44K and 16 Bit are fine for this work.
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Re: Help needed to finish studio build designed by John

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That would ofcourse be the obvious solution! doh!

I've retaken the measurements today anyway at 44.1kHz and the files are small enough to be attached, so here they are.

But here is also a link to download a single mdat file with all three measurements in for convenience. ... sp=sharing

Thoughts on these measurements?

There is a space above the window between the speakers, you can see it in the pictures I posted earlier. In john's design this is slots, and I can still do that but I just wonder what would be the best frequency to try and tune them to? The space is around 400mm deep (it varies a bit from top to bottom).

It looks to me like there is a room mode at around 44Hz, but I don't think it would be possible to tune them that low. There might also be a something ringing at around 166, and 230Hz (please do tell me if I'm misinterpreting the graphs, this is my first time working with REW). Should I tune the slots above the window to these frequencies? I think this should be achievable going by John's Excel document.
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