Mixing Room Frequency Problems

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Mixing Room Frequency Problems

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Hello everyone and congratulations about the forum!

This is my studio mixing room 320x200x280: https://planner5d.com/it/editor/?key=e7 ... 57de83e4a4
N.B .: the plasterboard side walls of this room are all covered with 3 mm polystyrene sheets except the ceiling only in plasterboard without polystyrene.

This is the measurement result made with Sonarworks Reference Measure and relative microphone of the parent company. The bench position is the one in the annex. I installed the bass traps along the front and rear corners and also along the entire upper corner of the front wall, finally on the front relative I installed two dividing squares but I don't think they can be efficient on low frequencies. Also installed the lateral sound-absorbing panels on the first reflection point and replaced the rear window with a PVC one from Nurith and triple glass with 41 db noise reduction (12GAWE + 4beT + 10GAWE + 33.1be - Ug: 0.8 - Rw: 41 dB - Th: 40 mm). What is advisable to do in such a response situation to have an improvement especially between 190 and 350 Hz and maybe fix the hole at 70 Hz? I had thought of buying such a cloud that could possibly attenuate the peaks present at around 110 and 190 Hz. Look at the screen attached

Let me know
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Re: Mixing Room Frequency Problems

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a thick cloud will help as well as increased front and back wall absorption. before that, make sure your listening position and speakers are positioned as optimal as possible by moving them and identifying the best position for each. the 38% recommendation is simply a starting point that is generally a good one, but the actual acoustic listening and measurements are the ones that matter...
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Re: Mixing Room Frequency Problems

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DRC apps are not good for measuring acoustics. REW or RodeTest are good.
In my experience of small studio treatment placing the speakers as close as possible, kissing the Front Wall, more often than not delivers the best (least bad) LF response. The Optimum Listening Position is dependent on speaker locations, so you need to test all the permutations.
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