Drum Room Construction

How thick should my walls be, should I float my floors (and if so, how), why is two leaf mass-air-mass design important, etc.

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Re: Drum Room Construction

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beeros05 wrote:
Soundman2020 wrote: I'm just wondering: What is the purpose of this build?
I wanted to make a drumroom basically in order to play and not to disturb. I went to several acoustic companies but they were asking 10-15.000€. I couldn't afford that.

So one day i went to the Modern Music School of Athens and the owner introduced me to the guy that made the isolation in the Music School.

He told me that he has made constructions like these even in 1st, 2nd floor apartments and the bands were playing 24/7. His offer was 6.000€ guaranteed results.
Soundman2020 wrote: For example, they are building your walls with three "leaves" in them (in other words: drywall, an air gap, more drywall, another air gap, and more drywall).
No it is not like that. Lets say i have the "naked" concrete room. There is air gap from the concrete walls and then frame-rockwool-2 ply gypsum board. Then framing again rockwool and 2 ply gypsum board again. The 3d single ply of gypsum board you see exists only in the exterior side where you can also see the frames for the door placement.
Soundman2020 wrote: Also, that floor is not doing anything for you: It is not isolating the room at all, and will act as a resonator. It will amplify some low-frequency sounds, and will absorb others. The floor is a waste of money: it is doing nothing to help you, acoustically, and could end up making the room sound bad.
Why is that? I mean all the floors a have seen is a frame over anti-vibrating rubbers rockwool inside and then plywood
Soundman2020 wrote: Please keep on posting the photos of what they are doing, as it will be interesting to see how they are going to treat them room, how they are going to deal with doors/windows, what they plan to do for the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and what they plan to do for the electrical system.
Of course i will. The room has no windows. the doors will be aluminum with triplex glass, 2 of them.
Soundman2020 wrote: And when the room is done, please use the free REW program to test the acoustics, and see how it all works out: That will be the real test.
I have no idea of using these kinds of programs

Thank you very much

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