Ventilation between rooms

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Ventilation between rooms

Post by dilysmoore »

Hello, I am building a shed in my garden. I understood for venting it is best to use 4 baffle boxes, 2 for extracting air.

Should the box which extracts air from the inside room be connected to the box pulling it outside?
Or is it also possible that the inside box pulls the air in the space between the rooms and a nearby box pulls the air to the outside of the building?

this would have an advantage while I then could also ventilate the space between the rooms, avoiding moisture problems

Hope you can help me, thanks!
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Re: Ventilation between rooms

Post by gullfo »

if you are planning on using paired silencers - you need to connect them. ventilation of the air gap is a wholly separate topic. at a minimum, you need two sets - one pair for intake (supply) and one pair for exhaust (return). ideally both should be powered to ensure proper air movement.
you also should consider moisture, filtration, and temperature into the mix - raw air exchange can be problematic so consider an HRV/ERV unit to manage exchange - preserve energy and can accommodate aspects of the moisture content. filters can be added as well to reduce duct, allergens etc. so you might add a small "mechanical" closet to the outside of the shed to house that.
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