Reshaping control room?

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Reshaping control room?

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I moved into my house about 4 years ago with an empty basement and a pocket (semi)full of cash. Instead of doing the smart thing and researching room size/shape/proportions, etc, I just built the largest room that I could within the pre-existing obstacles (i.e. support beams, staircases, plumbing, etc). After a few months of experimenting with monitor placement and acoustic treatment, I started having some serious builders remorse.

Anyway, I saw a picture today that got some gears turning. Right now my room is rectangular (10'6"x16'x6'7") and I've wished I had done something different with the shape of the room. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on doing something like what he's done in the picture below. I guess it's almost like bringing some GOBOs into the room. I had also been kicking around the idea of fabric walls with some OC behind them aka A LOT of acoustic treatment in the front half of the room. I guess the question is, What would give better results: More acoustic treatment in a room with parallel walls or less acoustic treatment in a room with angled walls?
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Re: Reshaping control room?

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it depends. :-) if you have a rectangular room which you can use (mostly) without significant modifications allowed (e.g. SAF) then you could build angled treatments for the walls and or ceiling to provide the acoustic modifications. having tall gobos forming an angled "wall" surface can work.
rectangular rooms have the benefit of being easier to calculate an expected response, but with today's processing power, using more advanced tools like BEM and FEM to analyze the space, as well as empirical tools like REW, you can estimate the behavior or just about any shape room if you're willing to put in the effort.
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