Hardening of edges on OC 703

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Re: Hardening of edges on OC 703

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Wade Jamison wrote:... As far as losing absorption with a hardened edge, the face of the panel is your main area of absorption. You might gain more without a hardened edge but not enough to notice.
As Ethan mentioned, for a typical 4" thick 4x8 panel, the surface area of the edges ads 50% to the entire surface area. That is substantial. In addition, since the edges are at right angles to the face, they can act on sound waves arriving from different directions (different surface normals). And as Ro and xSpace mentioned, hardening the edges also changes the acosutic properties of the panel in that area: the GFR will be different for a region close to the edges, thus invalidating the predicative ability of the equations and standard models. Personally, I have never hardened the edges of any panel, nor have ai seen the need to, in any of the rooms I have designed. There are better ways of betting a neat fabric edge.

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