Bedroom quick build ideas.

Plans and things, layout, style, where do I put my near-fields etc.

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Bedroom quick build ideas.

Post by DylanVillain »

FYI this is my first ever building project thing.

I have a rooms here and a space outside the room, and the goal is to have sound treatment for natural sound, and a vocal booth for pure sound.

The music I'm making will require just me singing and maybe an instrument.

Room dimensions: rooms a bit messy.

482cm length to wardrobe
546cm length x 360cm width x 256cm height
Wardrobe door height = 195cm
big slide door window length (in the 2nd image to the left behind the blind) = 178cm. 206cm height.
bed windows = 120cm length x 120cm height
180cm x 55cm = back window
ImageImageImage Image

outside room, . 150cm from door to to the left to window, 118cm wide, 256cm height. windows are unknown

Floor boards are hardwood, and layer of asbestos, ceiling is a layer of asbestos with a concrete roof above it, no insulation.
The room seems to leak the most noise from the windows. The walls I plan to soundproof later, probably building over the top of them. I think just a standard stud with gypsum on both sides, no insulation. They are pretty hollow for the walls towards the interior of the house, the exterior has brick on the outside. No plans for the ceiling yet, or diffusion.

The door for I plan on replacing with a solid core door, with a automatic door sweep, and adhesive rubber to fill in the gaps.

1. Does the door knob matter much soundproofing?

2. I want to sort of build as I make music though, so I'm looking for the most efficient option. I'm not after perfect acoustics, I don't have monitors, but I'm after an alright job so It doesn't sound bad. Is that possible without doing acoustical mic testing?

You see I have half a clue about this topic, but not anything technical.
You could say I'm rushing it, but later on could make it nice.

The priority is to have the room sound treated more then sound proofing, but some soundproofing is still needed.
Because in the big room there is a lot of windows, but to get my "alright job", could I soundproof the door, the windows, but soundtreat the windows and some of the walls to achieve this? And then just stand in the middle of the room and sing? I'll be using 2 small condenser mics in a parallel set up.

3. I don't understand how to place your acoustical panels. Some configurations I see people making a semi circle from the front of them, other times I see the whole room has panels in kind of random positions.

4. So for the windows to which seem to be single pane, could I stick some window film on, rubber, and then a soundproof curtain. Would this be enough for sound treatment, would it interfere with the acoustics? Also will put something on the wardrobe doors, or maybe just take them off.

So option 1: Do room 1 with a vocal booth later on.
2: Make a vocal booth in the outside space first, then the room
3: The room has the vocal booth in it rather then in the outside room

Help me make a decision here and any questions. I'm looking for a quick way for treating. My current ideas are panels, basstraps, curtains, room dividers, but am looking for some technical advice on how to go about this, but not going too technical :) . My budget is probably 0 - 750 AUD.
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Re: Bedroom quick build ideas.

Post by gullfo »

first thing you need to do is assess the asbestos situation as if you are disturbing it, then it needs to be removed.

secondly why the need for a vocal booth if it's you or you & a friend?
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Re: Bedroom quick build ideas.

Post by DylanVillain »

I don't plan on doing anything with the ceiling, but the asbestos situation has been checked by professionals and is not a hazard. But I probably will not touch the ceiling at all.

The reason why I talk about a vocal booth aswell is because from what I've read online, a vocal booth is not going to have any natural reverb sound coming back because the inside is completely treated. Therefore I think it's a good idea to have both a room with a natural reverb effect and one just for "pure sound". What do you think?
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Re: Bedroom quick build ideas.

Post by DanDan »

A highly absorbent zone is very desirable for recording without colouration, vocals etc. But a treated Mix Zone exactly fits this description. RFZ... Zone Without Early Reflections..... So given a silenced or remote computer/interface, treat a great mix zone and bingo. OR you could build a frame and push fit fibre absorption into it. A vocal Tent. Caruso Isobond looks good enough and requires no fabric.
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