New Studio Design Thoughts

Plans and things, layout, style, where do I put my near-fields etc.

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New Studio Design Thoughts

Post by StudioJiimaan »

Starting of 2022 building new recording is what we are working with....concrete block construction....concrete floors....13 ft high ceilings....1000 sq, ft

First attachment is what we are working with; second is my revised planned layout.
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Re: New Studio Design Thoughts

Post by gullfo »

interesting design. seems like it might be a bit convoluted to move around with the small doors and some parts jutting into walk areas. sometimes it's better to add a walk space (like behind the control room) to make access into the live room and control room consistent and easier. bigger doors between live rooms and entries for load-in and out. the control room in the current design looks like it will be around 10' wide and then adding the room treatments might make things feel cramped.
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