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Post by ABitAnalog »

Just saying "Hi."

Been lurking around for sometime picking up information, etc.

Currently, I have a small (10' x 11') bedroom setup that has served me reasonably well for a number of years. But, will be looking to build out a basement in a new house in the not to distant future when I will likely need a bit of assistance. There will be a fair amount of space available and I am trying to think ahead as best as is possible. Some questions about that to follow.

As far as musical interests, I am mainly a guitar player (20+ years) though I handle bass in my current group.

In any case, figured this was a good forum to put an initial introduction.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Soundman2020 »

Hi there "ABitAnalog", and Welcome! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your thread!

- Stuart -
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Re: Introduction

Post by swandezvous »

Yes, another lurker here, lurking for a tribe of fellow music/recording geeks that don't have much, but do whatever they can with what they have.
Pleasure to come across your forum.
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Re: Introduction

Post by matthewerkins »

Hi, I just joined this forum, my name is Helen K. Lau
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