Patchbay grounding?

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Patchbay grounding?

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I'm planning a patchbay(bantam military longframe) to our studio. There will be an analog desk, 24track tape recorder, 2 track tape master recorder and pro tools hd3 tdm system. I'm wandering how to groundwire batch(line level), when there is analog and digital systems together. I have read this forum a lot, but haven't found(or understood) answer to this. Now when there is allso digital, star grounding should also make problems with RFI, if i understand it right.
Should i groundwire all grounds together in batch?
Should i connect those united grounds to batch chassis?

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Re: Patchbay grounding?

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Hi recstud,

Did you finaly had your answer somewhere else? I have the exact questionning about that.
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