Acoustic hangers

How thick should my walls be, should I float my floors (and if so, how), why is two leaf mass-air-mass design important, etc.

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Re: Acoustic hangers

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etalon90 wrote:Thanks for the quick reply.

I'll build few prototype for my first side reflection and go from there.
3/4'' chipboard it will be :)

If they work great, I'll start the rear wall project.
For the side walls they are typically not as wide, and angled at approx 20 degrees with the leading edge towards the speakers.

The width of the panels depends on how low you want to absorb, so work out your width mode and go from there.

Let us know how you get on
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Re: Acoustic hangers

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I created a dynamic Sketchup component based upon John's design in the second post of this thread.

In Sketchup's 3D Warehouse search for "Acoustic Hanger" or alternatively go to ... tic-Hanger
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Re: Acoustic hangers

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or you could use mine which creates an array of them plus supports angling depth.
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Re: Acoustic hangers

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Did 9 Newell style absorber on my ceilling. (a tad more than the first 1/3 of my room)

Room is 19' wide by 39' long
Ceiling is 8' (floor height, bottom of the joist are more like 7'9'')

Used the staplegun to attach R12 on my main floor.
All of the ceiling has been treated this way even if no airgap between the fiberglass and the ceilling was possible.
this single layer of fiberglass start to be really effective above 400hz.


For the trap, I used 5/8 chipboard covered with R12 insolation batt on both side (fluffy).
spaced 16'' appart and the whole width of my room (about 17' since I can't put trap where my HVAC duct are passing)
panel are 24'' long and disposed at an angle of about 30degree.

Can't really post good measurement since the room is still in construction.

--------------------------- ... sp=sharing
this first pic show the room from the rear before the trap where installed ... sp=sharing
this pic show the R12 fiberglass between joist across all of the room ... sp=sharing
this pic show the panel from the side. Yes, I do miss 8'' to complete the fiberglass layer, will be added later. ... sp=sharing
more panel view.
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