Need help with flush mounted Genelec 8341

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Need help with flush mounted Genelec 8341

Post by Ouguel1 »

Hi, I need help in my room design. I would like to flush mounted my 3 front channel. I plan to use genelec 8341 studio monitor with the Genelec 8341-450b flush mounted kit. I have built 3 speaker stand with heavy ciment bloc and acoustic absorber between the bloc. The stand don’t touch the front wall frame and the Speaker boxe will not touch the front wall. I start to put rockwool inside the wall. The centre channel have a 10 degre angle position. The wall will be built with 2 drywall layer, 1 3/8 plywood layer and 3/4 hardwood layer. I would like to know if the design is good or I need to make changes?? Thank you for your help

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Re: Need help with flush mounted Genelec 8341

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the center speaker doesn't seem to be aligned with the LR speakers. if you're only using this to watch, it might be ok. for critical listening, you need those acoustic centers aligned. placing the center speaker low and angling it up will not have a good result. as far as the mass on the soffit framing - that should work.
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Re: Need help with flush mounted Genelec 8341

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Here's an oddness......... SonarWorks and Dirac Live, and probably most of the DRC systems include a speaker correction offset facility
Adjustable gain and delay to compensate for differences in distance and level. In highly treated CRs I and others have found this to be utterly disastrous. Even a tiny delay causes a weird phasey effect. As a plug in, even more disastrous when switching to Mono.....
Some raised eyebrows whenever I bring this up. But at least Mathias, Dirac Live designer, is well aware of it.
SW and DL have bypass, but notably the MiniDSP version of DL does not.
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