REW Result, thoughts?

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REW Result, thoughts?

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I got myself a Behringer ecm8000 measurement mic (used phantom power via a Saffire Pro 40 interface) and did a Room Eq wizard test of my new studio, i've attached the file so you can see the result. ... .mdat?dl=0

My speakers are Genelec8040B - I’d like to know if I should be adjusting any of the dip switches on the back of the Genelecs in accordance to the results I got from the test. (At the moment all switches are flat/doing nothing).

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Re: REW Result, thoughts?

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Looking at what the dip switches do on that speaker I don't see that moving them from flat is going to help this situation. Something is going on in the range between about 90Hz and 280Hz causing a reduction in both clarity and volume at your measuring position. You could try moving the speakers forward or back from the wall, and moving your listening position to try to improve that. If you look at the clarity tab in REW you can see the loss of clarity in that range, which suggests the room is overly reverberant in that range and perhaps you are sitting in one or more nulls. Some bass absorption in the room could help with the clarity. Ideally you'd like to keep the clarity from falling below 10dB. Up higher, above 600Hz you've got over 20dB of clarity, which is excellent.
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