Frequency Dispersion / Directibilty

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Frequency Dispersion / Directibilty

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I'm designing new studio for myself. I'm thinking about exporting 3d models into Unity :idea: (the game engine I'm working at job), where raytracing from speaker to walls should be fairly easy task. I'm looking for data on the dispersion/directibilty for the whole frequency spectrum or at least some of the frequencies - I guess I could make some formula based on just a few examples. The target is to model the raytracing data for any of the frequencies inside virtual space, so I could place adequate acoustic treatment.

Could someone point on some data about it?
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Re: Frequency Dispersion / Directibilty

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look up FEM or BEM modeling for algorithms. acoustic energy is just energy. so without getting too complex on the boundary compositions, you can define them as 90% reflective, 10% absorptive and do the LF analysis from there (<250hz). for reflection modeling, that will require you to model the sources with some speaker specifications. you could start with 90° horizontal dispersion, and 60° vertical. then vary that - 120° horz and 45° vert etc. usually for ray tracing you would select via bands - say 2 octaves to start and work down to single octaves or even 1/3 octaves. frequencies above 700hz would be more reliable for specific reflections.
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Re: Frequency Dispersion / Directibilty

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