Help With Bedroom Mix Room Treatment

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Help With Bedroom Mix Room Treatment

Post by Nature »

Hey Everybody,

I am hoping to get some advice on how best to treat the room I have. Here are the details:

Goal: to create a mixing/composing room.

Dimensions: W 97.5" (8' 1.5") x H 96.5" (8' .5") x L 117" (9' 9.25")

Construction: 1920's home with old hardwood floors, lath and plaster walls and ceilings

Irregularities: open closet in front corner of right wall, window in front wall, door in rear wall

Planned furnishings: desk (for console, patchbays, outboard), chair, couple of bookshelves (if possible)

Monitors: Event 20/20 passives (w/ Samson Servo 150) on generic triangle-base tube stands.

I'm fairly sure this room will require a lot of treatment and I'm willing to make that happen, but I am looking for some guidance to make sure I do it right. I'm guessing that superchunks in all corners (vert & horiz), OC703 absorbers in 1st reflection areas/behind speakers, cloud over listening area will be just the start. The lobe created by the open closet has me stumped. Heavy curtain? Door/wall addition?

I'm currently piecing gear back together and saving every $ possible to put towards this (hopefully reasonable) acoustic treatment endeavour, including saving for a measurement mic (Dayton EMM-6) and spl meter (?).

I apologize in advance for missing info, imprecise data. Pictures to follow. I will get better the more I do this!

Thanks :)
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Re: Help With Bedroom Mix Room Treatment

Post by gullfo »

consider a ceiling soffit around the edges - maybe 12"h x 16"w - this will add a lot of absorption without occupying wall space (read: shrinking the wall-to-wall distance :) ) and along with a deep cloud (12"), deep front (12") and deep back (12") (with opening for door) and side reflection control (2" deep x 2'x4') and perhaps some drapes on one wall to kill off slap echoes. simple 2x2 frames on the front back, soffit. make a cloud using same or drywall edge metal. soft insulation. cloth coverings.

add some slats or panels on back wall and soffits, clouds as needed if the room becomes too dry.
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