Thank you!

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Thank you!

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I've been perusing this forum for a few weeks, and just recently registered. I'll be making a donation today since I have already received so much value by reading what has been shared.

I am a sax player with the opportunity to finally stop practicing in the closet. Even though I live in a single family home, there's really no hiding from me when I need to work things out. When playing along with recordings at a decent volume, everything can be heard far too well out in the street. Luckily I have a metal building on a concrete slab in my back yard, and even more luckily I have the circumstance to undertake the DIY construction of a great practice room myself, and possibly it'll be big enough for a couple of band mates as well.

Like many that come to John Sayers' forum, I have my hat in my hands while asking "what do I do now?" Hopefully soon I will piece together a post of where I'm at on the project with measurements, photos, and relevant details.

This week I received Rod's book that I had ordered. Between the book and reading posts here, I realize I have made some serious missteps in design, framing, and my overall plan. It's going to cost me a little to backtrack, but that's far better than finishing room that would have turned into a giant sheet metal speaker broadcasting my long tones to the whole neighborhood. LOL So yeah, I'd feel really guilty not making a donation to the forum.

Thanks again for so much valuable information being shared, and thanks in advance for your patience with my ignorance to be displayed very soon.

John J.