KRK 1 side going bad?

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KRK 1 side going bad?

Post by KeithWarman »

So while testing my room, I found that these 6-year old KRK V10's G3's were radically different on each side. (Green is LEFT, Blue is RIGHT):
Left and Right KRKv10s G3.png
While I would expect some difference below 300hz in my room in its present state, I should not see the huge dips around 400hz and 3khz on the right side. I couldn't believe this was from my room, so I swapped them around and took the measurements again:
Left and Left Moved.png
Right and Right Moved.png
Bad right side? I thought so. So I took it apart being well-aware of the "Black-Gunk Issue" to investigate. Just for giggles, I tested the piles of goo for conductivity and got a continuity 1 -which just so happened to create a bridge from the high crossover resistor to a 4400uf cap nearby. So I cleaned out all the sap from the board and examined other elements as well as I could. No caps appeared to be bulged. Putting it back together, I got the same exact results. Not sure what else I can test as I am a bit new at this. For reference the KRK crossovers are at 378hz and 3.3khz.
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Re: KRK 1 side going bad?

Post by Dio »

Hi, it seems like a phase invertion on the midrange at the crossover point. Could be an older repair connected wrong? Check the internal connections on both speakers to spot any diffirences.

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