SPL Test Question

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SPL Test Question

Post by mark4man »

hello again...

(haven't been here since 2016).

The Yamaha monitors in my studio do not have graduated level controls...so when I set them up, I did so by ear. I've now moved to the mastering stage on my forthcoming CD; & really need to have those monitors calibrated correctly (I know I'm real close, but want them to be perfect). I've ordered an SPL Meter online (Galaxy Audio CM-130); & was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the audio tones necessary for a full/complete test (& where such a disk might be had)


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Re: SPL Test Question

Post by DanDan »

All you need is Pink Noise really. You probably have some in your plug ins. There are Smart phone apps. Faber Acoustical and Studiosixdigital......
Some of the Mastering Limiters have all you need built in..... PSP
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