Deluxe Studio - Nairobi - Kenya.

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Deluxe Studio - Nairobi - Kenya.

Post by John Sayers »

We are currently building a studio in Nairobi - Kenya and my client has commissioned a graphic render of the Sketchup file I sent him.

I've never seen this technique before but I must say I'm impressed ;)
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Re: Deluxe Studio - Nairobi - Kenya.

Post by Soundman2020 »

Wow! Very cool! I mean the render AND the actual studio design!

I love the lighting effects in that render: very realistic. And the animated photo-realisitic people are a very neat, convincing touch! Really brings the whole thing to life.

Any idea who did the render?

- Stuart -
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Re: Deluxe Studio - Nairobi - Kenya.

Post by mindprint99 »

Wow thanks John. Are these sliding doors between live rooms, thats a great idea, no?
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