Solid Core Door (Fire Door) in Germany?

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Solid Core Door (Fire Door) in Germany?

Post by oldbetseysatan »

Hi guys,

I posted this over in Gearslutz but there seems to be quite a few Germany-based DIY'ers here as well so thought I might cross-post and see if you had any ideas?

I'm sure I'm just not searching for the right term but I can't seem to find solid core fire door blanks here in Germany?

In the UK they sell them in just about all the DIY stores (usually for around £50-£100) but I don't seem to see the equivalent in Bauhaus, OBI, Hornbach etc.

They have "honeycomb" styles (I guess that's what you call it?) and lots of steel doors but not just the solid layered, chipboard, laminated types?

Or am I missing something?