Video explaining digital audio

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Video explaining digital audio

Post by JCBigler »

While not directly related to studio design and construction, I think most of us are working with digital audio at this point...

Here is a video that some folks on another pro audio forum posted explaining digital audio. It's about 22 minutes long, but very well done and very informative.
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Re: Video explaining digital audio

Post by Soundman2020 »

After watching this again, many months later, I decide that it really needs to be a "sticky", as it is just so good, and dispels so many myths about digital signals, as well as D/A and A/D conversion, bit depth, sampling rate, dithering, and a bunch of other stuff.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you watch it. 23 minutes very well invested!

Thanks very much, J.C.!

- Stuart -
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Re: Video explaining digital audio

Post by JeromeAck »

Very impressive! Great Work. Thank you!
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Re: Video explaining digital audio

Post by arctur11 »

Thanks, I'll check it out.
I still try to learn a lot in terms of DAWs, but I don't really know a thing about bit rate parameters etc.
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