We]re Recognized!

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We]re Recognized!

Post by AVare »

It has been a given that the studio market is so small that the insulation makers do not involve us with them. Now, look at the cover of Rockwool Rockboard sell sheet!

We exist!


Edit March 30, 2019: I thought I had attached the file but it exceeded the size limit. Here is la ink to the current Url.

https://cdn01.rockwool.com/siteassets/o ... 1546470417
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Re: We]re Recognized!

Post by Soundman2020 »

I must have missed this when you first posted it: Pretty cool, actually! Finally, we exist....

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Re: We]re Recognized!

Post by Purelythemusic »

Ha Nice!

I was thinking that I doubt people ever think about the effort that must go into isolating cinema’s and they’re placed many people go...with a ton a bass!
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