Simple Vocal Booth Wiring Help

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Simple Vocal Booth Wiring Help

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Hi Everyone!

First time poster, I Would just like to say this Forum is amazing, the wealth of knowledge is incredible and is an invaluable resource.

I have done some deep digging into the forums and i cant find a simple solution to my brain fart/dilemma. I'm constructing a studio for a friend (I'm a carpenter by trade) and all is going well however i have hit a minor speed bump with some of the wiring from the vocal booth to the control room as im not very experienced with studio wiring and i need to instruct the electrician for his rough in and fit off

ideally i would like 2 microphone sends and a headphone/TRS output in the vocal booth...i have attached a floor plan of the studio for reference.

question i have...

1. Wall sockets in the vocal booth for both XLR and TRS female? (pretty obvious but start with a nice easy question haha)
2. Wall sockets in control room need to be female as well? i was thinking i might have them as male as then a simple female to male cable from the control room wall to the soundcard would suffice?
3. when Running the TRS and XLR in separate conduits around 600mm apart and when running in parallel and 90 degree bends where needed okay?

as i said before its a very basic/simple wiring schedule but i would hate to miss something after the plaster is hung

a note as well for some of the construction details, 90x45 timber framing (2X4"), decoupled walls, horizontal furring channel in the vocal booth, 2 layers of 13mm soundcheck gyprock and all outlets and switches will use clipsal fire/acoustic boxes.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks for your time


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