Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

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Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by barefoot »

And here is a more sophisticated 2D version of the Wall Bounce Calculator. It simulates reflections from both the front and side walls of a rectangular room.

Check out that scary initial layout I plugged in! :shock:

A 3D version is in the works!:D


Right click and choose "Save Target As..." to download.
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Post by msikio »

A 3D version is in the works!
Thanks a lot for the 2D version, very interesting and educational :D

Now, what about the 3D version ? 8)
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A little confused..

Post by TOR »

So is this frequency curve supposed to represent your room prior to any acoustic treatment? Surely if you put up reflection absorbers or diffusers that would change the frequency response at the listening position?

And what about variables such as ceiling height and wall material (ie would a wall of clay not produce a different response than a wall of glass?)

Im not being pendantic or critical here rather just trying to understand the application of this very interesting little spreadsheet. So if this graph was to tell you that there was a large bump at 1200 hz, would the obvious conclusion be to tune your room with a graphic EQ, making a dip at 1200 hz? How do you correct discrepancies of particular frequencies?
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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by Zarranger »

Thanks a lot
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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by DrFord »

I don't quite understand the use here, should I be plug in in my room size? And if so then which fields?
Thanks! Looks like a cool and useful tool.

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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by AndyV »

This is actually giving me a lot of hope =) seems I didn't screw up my placement too much, the graph actually looks really decent :D I hope the results will be similar to my "end product" :D

I *need* sounds
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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by pask74 »

Hi there,

Apparently, this link is down - would it be possible to re-post this doc, please ?

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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by pmx »

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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by BarneyJ »

Cool! :shot:
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Re: Wall Bounce Calculator 2D

Post by ml9000 »

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