Electric "shock" from usb port

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Electric "shock" from usb port

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I am currently putting my studio together, and while I was installing my new usb controller (Presonus Faderport), I noticed that there was an electric current flowing through the metal casing of the controller. Its very weak, but does cause a strong tingling sensation when i touch it with sensitive body parts, like arm or face. After some more testing, i noticed that the same happens with my soundcard (NI Audio 6), just a bit weaker.
Some extra info: All of my electrical appliances are using European plugs combined with an adapter to make them fit the Irish (same as UK) sockets.

I tried different setups, including plug extension cables, no other USB devices connected etc, but I always get that electrical shock, unless the charger is disconnected.

One problem i recognized is, that my charger is slightly broken, and the insulation is gone around a connection. I only noticed this today.
Could a new charger fix the problem? And will any charger with the right power output do, or should I make sure it has some feature to prevent anything like this happening again.
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Re: Electric "shock" from usb port

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:shock: It sounds to me like your equipment is not earthed! And also your earth leakage unit (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) is also broken!

Better call in an electrician and get him to trace the problem, and fix it. And also either fix that frayed cable, or spend a few dollars for a new power supply.

What you have is dangerous: Please get it fixed ASAP, professionally.

- Stuart -
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Re: Electric "shock" from usb port

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Getting shocked is more than unpleasant. It can be lethal. An electrical impulse as small as 14 milliamps is enough to kill a person. The current drawn by a plug-in nightlight is more than enough to do the job. I was thinking about these grim facts not long ago while doing some remodeling in an old house.
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Re: Electric "shock" from usb port

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Three area to investigate:
1] Replace the charger.
2] Plug everything into the same AC power wall outlet.
3] Check that all the plug adapters are safety certified (no DIY adapters).
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Re: Electric "shock" from usb port

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Getting stunned is more than unsavory. It very well may be deadly. An electrical motivation as little as 14 milliamps are sufficient to slaughter an individual. The current drawn by a module nightlight is all that anyone could need to carry out the responsibility. I was contemplating these horrid certainties not very far in the past while doing some renovating in an old house.
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