1” OC DuctLiner on Ebay - $264 for 400sq ft.

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1” OC DuctLiner on Ebay - $264 for 400sq ft.

Post by andy_eade »

In my search for ductliner for my Baffle boxes, I came across the following on Ebay:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/OWENS-CORNING- ... 2246079177

I made an offer of $200 and it was immediately accepted. Shipping is by freight so kind of pricey given the size of the roll, but I’m able to get it shipped to a freight dock about an hour from my house for $150. It still works out to be a pretty great deal for this much duct liner.

Also, if you’re looking everywhere for duct edge sealer as I was, I found an online company in California called Airhouse.com that stock Design Polymerics DP 88 for $10 a can. If you are using ductliner, I highly recommend using a product such as this to prevent loose particles from the cut edges getting into your airstream and lungs. I also found that Ferguson carry 1 gallon containers of the Duct Liner Adhesive for around $30.

Hopefully this will save some of you some money and time searching. I have no affiliation with these sellers so you of course buy at your own risk. I will update this thread if there are any issues with these three orders I just placed this morning.


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