PSA: Back up your designs

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PSA: Back up your designs

Post by JCBigler »

I got lazy and violated my own strict rules on data back up. :cop:

Went to work on one of my studio designs, and the whole folder on the flash drive that I had all my designs in is corrupted. I lost dozens of designs of various sizes and layouts, as well as reference documents. Nothing that I was being paid for and nothing that was actually being built. But it hacks me off losing all that data. Especially since they showed my own progress in learning how to lay stuff out and organize various designs. :cry:

I managed to recover a hand full of Sketchup files that I had posted here, or in Drop Box, and one that was on another hard drive. So there's that.

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Re: PSA: Back up your designs

Post by John Sayers »

May I recommend "Quickshadow Backup"

I have an external 2tb Hard drive - you program Quickshadow to monitor certain folders you want to monitor and back up.
You can run it once or twice a week or have it on permanently in real time. Any changes or additions to the files in the folder are immediately backed up on the external drive.

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Re: PSA: Back up your designs

Post by DarrelCas »

Man, that sucks. I feel for you, JC. I'm so lazy about backing things up as well, at least in a timely fashion. I'm just waiting for it to bite me in the behind. I hope I can change my ways before that happens though. lol
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