OC pink fibreglass model density for low frequencies

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OC pink fibreglass model density for low frequencies

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Hi guys,

I couldn't find out what the densities were for different models of pink fibreglass insulation online. So I called Owens Corning and they said due to proprietary blah blah blah they couldn't give me a chart for all of their products so I said I wanted to know what the cheapest model was between 20-25 kg per cubic meter and she told me their EcoTouch R24 was between 20 and 23 kg per cubic meter. I then asked her for the models with higher densities (for mid and high frequency treatment) and she informed me that the R24 is their most dense model they make. So, there you have it. Get OC R24 if you want to go the cheaper pink fibreglass route rather than OC701 or OC703!

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Re: OC pink fibreglass model density for low frequencies

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Gre, you might find this page from Bob Gold's website interesting:


It contains data on hundreds of insulation options. One of the best resources I know of for this. The only problem with it, is that it's pretty old and hasn't been update in a while with new products.

- Stuart -
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