Source for glass acoustic doors in Sydney?

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Source for glass acoustic doors in Sydney?

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has found a good source for acoustic doors in Sydney involving glass? I am looking to get some natural light into a room I'm designing and think the door is the best option, so either a French door type thing (as in the hinged, swing open style of double doors) or even sliding doors if there were any up to the task. I am looking to build a double leaf room and the quirks of the design mean there will be a space of around 350mm between the outer and inner doors. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I imagine the French style of door would potentially be easier to get a good seal with by using the proper acoustic seals around the perimeters and where the two doors meet, but someone may have experience with another approach that works. Thanks!
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Re: Source for glass acoustic doors in Sydney?

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Hi. Please read the forum rules for posting (click here). You seem to be missing a couple of things! :)

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Re: Source for glass acoustic doors in Sydney?

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