XLR Wall Plate

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XLR Wall Plate

Post by alvarikoke »

Hello everybody,

I am planning to build a recording studio. I have plan to build three separated rooms, one for the control room, another for drums, and lastly for vocals and guitars.
I´m thinking of installing wall plates from the control room to the other two rooms. One for the drums and other plate to the vocals/guitar room.
The wall plate will have XLR connection that it need to solder on the side of the control room. In the other side, the vocals/guitar room I will plug the microphones and guitars with a 1/4 TRS jack that can be pluck in the same conector as the XLR one. But my main question is that if I connect the Jack to the xlr on the other side of the plate the cable is a XLR running into my interface. I mean there will be a Jack connected into a XLR that then the xlr is connected into the interface. I don't know if I am explaining myself correctly. That would work ?

And my second question is that what other type of cable do I need to install in the wall plate to be future proof ? Maybe an ethernet CAT 5/6 cable, for a headphone mix ?

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Re: XLR Wall Plate

Post by Soundman2020 »

What I would REALLY suggest, is that you keep all of your questions about your studio in one single thread, rather than scattering them about all over the forum! Right now you have four questions in four different threads: you are going to find it hard to keep track of that later, when you need to refer back to the answers. It also makes it really hard for people who are following your build to help you, since they won't know what you already asked, what was answered, what wasn't, or even what your intentions are with your studio, or the purpose of the question!

So just create one single thread with a title that somehow describes your studio (Please don't call it "New Studio!!! We have several hundred threads already with that title... :) ), and put links in there to all of the questions you already asked, so you can find them again later.

- Stuart -
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