múltiples preamps into one interface

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múltiples preamps into one interface

Post by alvarikoke »

Hello everybody,

I am planning to buy a microphone preamp more specifically the Behringer ADA8000 or the 8200. I have the Apollo twit MkII as the audio interface. 8 additional channels isn´t many for my set up. And the next preamp with 16 input channels are two much money.
My question is if I can hook up two ADA 8200 into my audio interface. Each one Connect via a ADAT connection that the audio interface have, but it only have one. If I buy a ADAT hub or a süplitter can I connnect the two of them ?
I dont know If I am explaining well :|
Thanks in Advanced.
Jakob De Wittig
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Re: múltiples preamps into one interface

Post by Jakob De Wittig »

Hi alvarikoke :)

Unfortunately no!! You can only add 8 inputs with an optical TOSLINK connection. You can't split it to get additional inputs. It dosen't work like that. You will need to upgrade your interface if you need more inputs.

All The Best

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