Does this wiring work in my XLR Patchbay?

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Does this wiring work in my XLR Patchbay?

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Hello Forum,

i'm in the process of wiring up my small studio and have a question regarding wiring up my XLR Patchbay for my Mic Lines.

The situation is this: i got 16 Mic Lines coming from my Live Room to my Patchbay in my Mixing Room. They terminate in a Panel of male XLR sockets in my Patchbay and the plan is to route those to either the mic inputs of my mixing console or external preamps. I'd like to have the possibility of patching any mic line to either the preamps of my mixer or the external ones.

For the sake of keeping my patchbay as small as possible i had an idea for the wiring but i'm unsure if this is a viable option and/or if this will result in problems down the line.

Here is my idea for wiring up the male xlr sockets in my patchbay (the ones my mic lines terminate in):

Basically the plan is to wire both the mic line coming from my live room to the same xlr socket as the cable going to the respective mic input of my mixer (basically like a Y-Cable but wired to a connector). If i then choose to use a external preamp instead of the pres from the mixer, i unplug my mixer input and patch in an external preamp (also on the patchbay) via a simple connection from the xlr socket for my mic lines to the input of the external pre.
I attached a graphic which might help to understand what i'm trying to do.
Note that i'm not trying to split the mic signal via the xlr socket but have the socket itself act as a switch between the mixing consoles preamps and external ones. So i always either use the the internal pres of the mixer or the external ones.

The question is, will this work? Will there be a loss in audio quality or do i get problems with groundloops etc.?

Hope somebody can help me on this. I appreciate every input on that matter.

Thank you for your time.

kind regards.
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Re: Does this wiring work in my XLR Patchbay?

Post by Soundman2020 »

Hi. Please read the forum rules for posting (click here). You seem to be missing a couple of things! :)

That said, what you propose is not the normal standard method for wiring studios. Most studios are wired using "Bantam" or "TT" patch bays. If you wire your patches as full-normalled or half-normalled, then you can do what you want very simply.

- Stuart -
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