Installing Camera monitoring instead of window

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Installing Camera monitoring instead of window

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Hey everyone!

So I'm after a little advice in regards to installing a system to visually monitor a live room from an adjoining mixing room. Our budget never stretched to installing a window so we are looking to monitor via camera to a TV either directly or via a PC. What set ups have people used and what would be a cost effective at least semi low latency streaming solution? I've been looking everywhere online but it's hard to find much information about cameras for this purpose. Should I go wireless IP or direct via HDMI or would Skype between rooms provide usable latency? Our budget is probably (hopefully) somewhere under the $300AU mark.

Thanks in advance. This site has been such a valuable resource.
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Re: Installing Camera monitoring instead of window

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A simple home security system will do what you want. You'll need at least two cameras and two screens, of course, so you can see both ways between the rooms. I would use a wired system, not IP, for the simple reason that high res IP cameras steal bandwidth from your router. That might be an issue if you don't have a lot of bandwidth, or if you need low latency for audio on the same router.

- Stuart -
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