Website outage

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Website outage

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Unfortunately the Storage Area Network (SAN) on my website provider crashed yesterday - they worked on it all night and finally it's all back up and working.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Re: Website outage

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Thanks for coming back so soon John. I have never missed a website more than I did yesterday ;) I have spent a few weeks putting together a post for the site (still not quite ready to ask for input) and have quite literally been addicted to the energy of learning things through this site for a long time. Though the addiction has been getting worse the closer I get to actually being able to build my own space. I haven't enjoyed learning like this for years and appreciate this place and the people. Not to mention being able to read posts by some of the people who wrote some of the many books I've read over the last while).

Take care and thanks for creating and maintaining this forum. Looking forward to posting and contributing soon.

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