John, You have GOT to post this post from Stuart

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John, You have GOT to post this post from Stuart

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Hello all... I just got really excited and I just had to share this...

(Stuart, escribi un mensaje abajo para usted.)

I was just doing research on the forum here and I stumbled across Stuart's (aka Soundman2020) first post on the forum (posted on the day he joined: Aug 21, 2008). You've got to post this as the example of what you're looking for in the way of first posts from new visitors (maybe even with cliff notes). :)

When I first read your rules page... I had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what it all meant and exactly what you're looking for. Nobody likes to have the time they spend writing a post here ignored because they missed something. Most of the time, they may not even be clear on why they've been ignored.

I've got a few ignored posts and I think it may be as a result of my first post being deficient. Not sure, but I think this first post by Stuart is a gem that should be posted... as an example at the very least. I KNOW my introductory post was nowhere near as detailed as Stuart's. After reading his first post, I wish mine had been (the link to his first post is included below).

I'm so blown away by the fact that a HUGE volume of posts, helping others realize their dreams, are posted by this person, who all those years ago, began here, just like many of the rest of us, with a crazy plan, seeing help from the wiser among us. Now, thanks to all the help you gave him, he has become one of those wiser among us. So damn inspiring! - VJ -

Here's the link: ... =1&t=11122

And now a message for Stuart:

Amigo, muchísimas gracias por su ayuda aquí en este forum. Si, también hablo Espanol.

No sabia que usted empezó aquí como un bebe buscando su comida. Que buen historia! A que bueno que aun sigue aquí, ayudando les a los demás. Es un regalo tan grande, que no sabe el tamaño. Espero que también puedo aprender así como usted aprendió, a llegar a ayudar así como usted nos ayuda. Para mi, es un gran placer leer a su primer post! Gracias por sus respuestas asta ahora, a espero que sigues ayudando me en realizar el mismo sueno, que usted tenia tantos anos atrás.

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Re: John, You have GOT to post this post from Stuart

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TL;DR :twisted:

I'm just here for the pics! :mrgreen:

Seriously, a good post and great thread though. :yahoo:
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Re: John, You have GOT to post this post from Stuart

Post by Soundman2020 »

Thanks very much, VJ! I should probably update initial post, as there's more stuff I could put in there, and things I could fix. And thank you for your kind words: As you pointed out, learning about acosutics is a long voyage, with a steep climb ahead... but well worth the effort!

¡Y muchas gracias por el saludo en español! No tuve idea que hablas español. ¡Qué bueno!

- Stuart -
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