need cheapest Guilford of Maine and oc703 dealer

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need cheapest Guilford of Maine and oc703 dealer

Post by aramism »

Hi, I need to buy a bunch of fr701 and oc703.

I found pack of 6 OC 703 2" for $52 locally in new jersey (I live in new york city) but they won't budge on price. I'd like to get it cheaper and honestly since this stuff is big I'm guessing local is the best way to go. Anyone know a place around here within an hour driving distance where I may find it cheaper. I need 32 panels.

I also need FR701, I have found it so far about $16/yard but none local all shipped. So if anyone could help with that would be great.

Also, where is the best place for cheapest other than random lumber yards or home depot to get 1x6 wood in the NYC/long Island/metro region area?