Columbus, Ohio resources

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Columbus, Ohio resources

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I'm in the process of building a fairly large number of acoustic panels and wanted to share a couple of resources I've found locally in Columbus, Ohio.

Capitol Drywall Construction ... 43222.html stocks 3" Roxul AFB and an 8 sheet pack of 24"x48" is currently priced at $33. They also carry an appropriate spray adhesive, Nashua 357, at about $6/can which is somewhat cheaper than 3M 77 or comparable products I've found at the local home centers.

Central Ohio Bag and Burlap is an industrial supplier of bulk burlap and related products. They sell 25ft x 60" sheets of raw 10oz construction burlap for about $12 which are wide enough to wrap both sides of a 2'x4' panel horizontally and is a more efficient use of material than say the typical 48" width of burlap from Jo-Ann Fabrics which would require wrapping vertically and generate a lot of waste fabric. I was able to wrap both sides of four 2'x4' panels with one of these sheets and the cost worked out to about $3 per panel. If you have a large project they can sell you rolls of up to 300 yards. I'd also mention that the 10oz burlap is a substantially stronger material than the burlap I tried from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

With these resources I've got a completed 2'x4' panel coming in at about $14 including tax.