Hello from Gdańsk, POLAND

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Hello from Gdańsk, POLAND

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Hallo everyone,

My name is Kris. I'm a sound engineer and film music composer living in Poland. After 5 years in England and 16 years in France following my SAE degree I have finally come back to my home country. I have recently moved in to Gdańsk where we are about to start living in a house that will also house my mixing and composing room, located in a 90m roughly rectangular space under a rather high sloped roof. I have come to this place in search for your wisdom while designing and constructing this haven of mine. In exchange I will gladly share my own experience :)
Incidentally I am a co-owner of the speaker company called APS. We specialize in building active studio monitors. A rather nice hobby that provides plenty of insight into speaker design and their use. Happy to share on that point too :)
Kind regards
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Re: Hello from Gdańsk, POLAND

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Hi Kris, and Welcome! :)

I'm looking forward to following your design and build threads.

- Stuart -
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