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New to this Forum and a frustrated Amateur when it comes to setting up a simple Recording facility, I came here hoping someone might be able to help.

Briefly, I have purchased some equipment, set it up but cannot get it to work. The Manuals that came with the equipment are useless plus YouTube has not been able to help as well. I can record some stuff but not get it to play back plus recording 'live' is proving a problem. I think I may well have the Mixer set up incorrectly.

If anyone can help I would be most grateful. Here is a list of my equipment:

Set Up 1 - Main Studio

Behringer X1832usb Mixer
Behringer MiniAmp Headphone Amp
Kenovo S510p Computer
Rockit 8 Studio Monitors
Pro Tools Software
Ignite Software
Various Mikes, Headphones

Set Up 2 - Office

Apple iMac Computer
Alesis 12 Firewire Mixer
Axiom Air 32
Sennheiser Headphones
Logic Pro X Software
Ignite Software

I am mainly concerned about setting up the Main Studio as this is where I hope to record myself and friends playing Guitars etc.

If this is not the right Forum perhaps just for Professionals maybe someone could point me to somewhere that could help.

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Re: Amateur

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Hi, this forum is really more about designing and building the actual structures of recording studios.

It's difficult to tell what your actual problems may be from your description. You might try posting your set up and what issues you are having on Gearslutz: or the Avid Audio Forums: if you are having trouble operating Protools.
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