For Sale:Isolation Transformer = Clean Power For Pro Studios

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For Sale:Isolation Transformer = Clean Power For Pro Studios

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We bought an Isolation Transformer for Island Vortex studios in Hawaii back in 2007. We had to close our studio in 2010 and the unit has been sitting in storage ever since.

This unit cleaned up the audio in our studio incredibly well and made our noise floor become a non issue for the 1st time ever for us; it was well worth the money.

It will take a licensed electrician that has knowledge in recording studios or media rooms to set this up correctly for you.

We paid over $5000 for it new.

Asking $1000 and you pay shipping (prob around $400 in USA)

Your chance to save a bundle and get high end clean power and clean audio in your studio.

This is an excellent solution for professional studios or higher end home studios that want to take their setup to the next level

PM me with questions

P.S. PDF attached with tech specs and the company that makes it has great technical support.