What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

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What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by McPros »

Hi my name is Robert Scott from Phoenix Arizona. I work for Mc productions and we had our recording studio built a couple years back and we got these really cool looking lights for dimming. Turns out that they get really hot and take up so much power, the bulbs are always going out. I was trying to see if anyone knows what type of lighting should be put in a Recording booth, vocals, and the piano room. Any suggestions?

These are the lights we put in
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Re: What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by bouche »

I am in the process of buying lighting and I must say that I'm very impressed with the newest lines of LED lighting. There are at least a half dozen manufacturers with really nice recessed lighting that run completely cool and take less than 20 % of the power of incandescent or halogen bulbs. For example 7 watt LED seems equal to a 50 watt regular light.

Hope this helps :)
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Re: What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by dan25 »

They sound good.

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Re: What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by leon.payne »

I would definatly look at LED lights. They have them in the studio i work in. Apparently they originally had all normal bulbs in and changed them to LED because of the excessive heat. :D
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Re: What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by sheilmolson »

Well the lights are not bad but I would suggest that you install light bit dim lights as this are little bright for any studio. You can even contact any experienced architect before installing the lights as now a days they are following the system of green construction while constructing a building and also studying the educational videos while training and also to marketing their buildings to the customers. So the architects will surely guide you.

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Re: What Light fixtures should i put in my studio

Post by Patanjali »

Lighting is a real issue if you are doing anything involving video or pictures.

While incandescent and halogen are more broad-spectrum, they are also good for heating in winter! :D

The main problem is the spectrum of light that lower-powered lights emit. CFLs and LEDs are not even-spectrum devices, with definite peaks in their output. So when you buy say 4000K lights, that being a measure of the blue to red ratio only, colours can look quite different under them, depending upon whether you are looking at them directly or viewing what the camera sees, due to differences in the receiving spectral response. Our video-cam is a Panasonic HDC-HS700 -- top of the line consumer device when we bought it, with separate R, G and B sensors.

You can do your white balance, but that does not stop the misrepresentation of colours. To illustrate, we use CLF 4100K globes in the studio where we record audio and YouTube videos, where:

a) May hair is greyish, but it comes out a flattering dark, almost looking suspiciously like I dye it!

b) We have RGB LED strips to throw a tinge to the edges of the white backdrop, but red hardly registers and blue over-registers on the camera.

In sunlight, the camera shows colours fine.

I would imagine that even wide-colour-gamut monitors would mis-register colours under these lights. Calibrating them without catering for the ambient light would be pointless. My calibration device definitely does not cater for that.

Unfortunately, while I have a wide range of skills, accurate colour representation eludes me at this time. At the moment, I am content to have found a particular working arrangement that caters for our limited performance scenarios.

I would definitely appreciate any suggestions as to better low-powered lighting devices.
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