Build Diaries & Completed Studios - Updated June 2018

Discuss studios designed and built by others.

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Build Diaries & Completed Studios - Updated June 2018

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Please send a private message ("PM") to the moderators or administrators if you have a build diary or completed studio here on the forum, and we will add you to the list. CLICKING HERE will send a private message to one of the moderators. Just surf to your thread here on the forum and send us that link. We do our best to to look through as many threads as possible and add them here, but we can't always keep up with all the new "in progress" and "finished" threads.

Why do this? So those people just joining the forum and starting their own projects can easily find these threads to see how a lot of the common problems have already been solved by the pros that use this forum. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you just starting your projects.

Completed Studios (Most recently completed first)

Martin's "Perfect Flat Response" Project Studio - Bratislava, Slovakia, EU.
Gareth's Tiny Studio With Amazing Acoustics - Derbyshire, England
Eric Best's awesome place, with custom designed, custom built speakers in custom built soffits - Lansing, MI, USA
Studio Three Productions - Rod DeMoss's INCREDIBLE full service recording facility - Lone Jack, Missouri, USA.
"New House Small Studio", built from the ground up - NSW, Australia
Dirk's "Studio/Listening room" rehearsal studio - East-Flanders, Belgium
Roger's "built from scratch" rehearsal studio - Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK (with very high isolation!)
Realdoyle's carport to studio conversion, - Los Angeles, USA.
Lost Studio 3.0 (Tom Van's place), - Gresham OR, USA.
Felipe's Garage Studio, - Englewood, CO, USA.
John Heartson's "Dreamery Productions Studio" - Vermont, USA.
Bigsby's AMAZING Garage Conversion - Seattle, WA, USA.
Allen's Basement Conversion - Gainsville, USA.
Slipway Studios - Simos Place, London, UK.
Small bedroom turned into a Studio - Yavor Andreev, Bulgaria.
Dog & Bear Studio - Brick built on slab - Victoria, Australia
Sad-but-happy Drum Studio build - ***MUST READ*** - , Athens, Greece.
Peel Productions - New Zealand - John G's studio (garage conversion).
Ace's place, Belgium - Double-garage conversion.
LaNauEstudi Studio - Spain - Hugo's Control Room Build (with soffit mounted speakers).
George's Practice Studio - Florida, USA
PatStudio - Binarybloke's place - Yorkshire, UK
Riff's Garage Conversion - Lousiana, USA
Britune's Basement Studio - Mt. Clare, West Virginia, USA
Clarence Drive Studios (Adam's place) - Gold Coast, Australia
DoubleyouD's place - Groningen
Javier's studio - Santiago, Chile
Horizon Sound - Ground up build in Melbourne, Australia
Mini-Prod Studio, Berlin, Germany - Carsten's place
On Purpose Productions - Greg's place - Ontario, Canada
Noledge Studio, by Vakis (a.k.a. Jack Audio/Visual) - Studio Rebuild
Bantam Studio - (a.k.a. "Inkspotproductions" and "Lilith Envy Studio", by Deanna - Regional Victoria, Australia
AudioGrotto Studio -Ashley Shepherd's amazing Church Conversion - Newport, KY, USA
Chicago Studio 660 - Studio renovation.
BF's Basement Studio Build - Basement conversion, Mid-west, USA.
The Stiz Studio - Dynamike's place - Hackettstown, NJ, USA. (With soffit-mounted rear-ported speakers! It can be done...)
SandledFoot's Studio - Basement Conversion - Unique curved back wall
Lost Studios - Full studio build, from the ground up!
Studio 911, Carlisle, PA
Soundmark Studio Construct - Warehouse Conversion, Virginia, USA
T-Mix Studio / Construction Diary - Mansfield, Texas, USA
Marc's Patio & Garage Studio - Florida, USA.
A small corner control room - in California.
Kathy's place - New England - Kathy's Barn Conversion.
Ro's Rehearsal / Recording Studio - Studio re-build, Netherlands
Paradise Studio - Conversion of a detached garage
Andy's Basement - Washington - Andy Eade's Rotten Basement Conversion.
Dragon Note Recording Studios - Garage Conversion
Len Morgan's Studio Diary - Entire building conversion - Texas, USA
Marty's Hi Def Studio - Dedicated studio built from the ground up.
Kendale's Studio - Room conversion
JG's Studio Thread - Peel Productions - In-home room conversion
Shaz's Studio Ion - Basement Conversion
Gleeman Audio - Lief's ("Jester") place - Asheville, NC, USA

In-progress - Build Diaries - (Not completed ... yet!)

The Mystik Monk's higher performance control room - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Salem Oregon conference center - Ron's place in Salem, OR. - USA.
Fen Cabin Studio - Surfleet - UK.
Joe's Basement Conversion - Hartville, Ohio, USA.
Basement Studio Thread
Skipper Sound - Studio move and upgrade
Sharward's Studio - Partial Garage Conversion, ISOLATED Slab
DietCookie's Backyard Studio - From shed to studio
Artifact Recording's Thread - Floating a floor over concrete basement

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Post by sharward »

Woo-hoo! I'm on the list! :mrgreen: 8) And I'm in really good company, that's for sure! :D
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Post by guitardad72 »

Wow, I'm included in the list :shock:

At this point I feel like my thread and actual pre-construction work has turned into more of a house renovation & landscaping conversation. Some of my co-workers have nicknamed me "Domino" as I talk about working on my studio... everything I touch/move turns into something else to move and/or fix.

As of Jun 2011, have not finished studio. But working as The One Man Band Marc Dobson which hopefully will continue up my career to a point where I can afford to finish my build.
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Post by knightfly »

Another, for all the back-yard builders -

"From Shed to Studio" -
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sandledfoot's build diary

Post by sandledfoot »

I guese I need more attention!

heres a link to my build diary! ... highlight=
studio construxcion.... it hurts my brain.
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Post by cyeazel »

Looks like it's for completed studios as well as unfinished studios hence the title of the thread "Build diary AND completed studios thread." Nice pics sandlefoot. I love looking at progress on everyones studios.
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Post by WiseMindsRecordingStudios »

Hey GUYS!! I am still alive yes... big things happening in my life right now and over the past 4-6 months... Going through the big "D" and trying to rebuild whats left of my life. I am not dead.... but sometimes I feel it. Just keep sending me PM's or post here if you want to add to the build diaries..

Thanks for understanding..

Andy Wheeler - Engineer/Owner
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Post by knightfly »

Andy, your contributions to this site have been invaluable in many ways - I'm very sorry to hear about your personal woes, and hope it eventually works out for you. The pain slowly fades with ANY life-bending event, although at the time it doesn't seem like it ever will.

Whether you want commiseration or a "like minds fix" or just want to share, you're always welcome here; I hope you know that. Any other comments/suggestions are just gonna seem trite at this time, so as much as I'd like to keep rattling, I won't; just hang in there, and we'll help if there's anything we can do... Steve
Soooo, when a Musician dies, do they hear the white noise at the end of the tunnel??!? Hmmmm...
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Build Diary for studio 660 in Chicago

Post by audionaut »

Just wanted to post up a link, as I'm not sure if Knightfly will have time to add me to his list (understandable)

Welcome all to share comments and watch our progress. We're remodeling an existing studio space that needs a bunch of work and also adding a second Control Room for preproduction & midi stuff.

Join us!!!
John has moved my thread to the construction forum:
Thanks everyone
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Post by Ro »

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Post by BradJacob »


- Brad

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Re: Build Diaries & Completed Studios - Updated May 2013

Post by Soundman2020 »

This was a very old thread, but I think it's a great idea, so I've been trying to updated it as much as possible, but I need help!

If you want your "in progress" studio build listed here, then please PM me with the link, and I'll add it to the list.

If your studio is complete, or if you know of a completed studio that is not on the list, then please PM me about that too, with the link.

I'd really like to keep this updated regularly, so newcomers can find plenty of examples of both finished studios and ones that are currently under construction.

- Stuart -
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