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Re: Oasis Studios.

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glad you liked it Adam - did you get to record or perform in it?
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Re: Oasis Studios.

Post by adam »

Unfortunately no, I'd suggested Oasis to a friend's band (who I've done live sound & demos for) so they invited me in for a beer & a listen.

The striking thing for me was sound in the control room. The sound from the couch at the back of the room pretty much the same as the mix position (except for stereo width) without any weirdness or bass buildup near the wall. My perception was probably warped because I knew I was hearing hangers for the first time, but the room felt bigger than it really is. The natural light & open layout also made a bigger difference than I thought it would. I've only ever been in "cave" style studios before and this felt so much more natural.

The guys recording there loved it, even though they had no idea what awesomeness was hidden behind the timber & paint & fabric. That's an interesting point too - there was nothing over the top in terms of materials & building techniques, but with all of the elements properly thought-out and executed the result is just breathtaking.
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Re: Oasis Studios.

Post by tango4cash »

The walls, especially in the booths, I see they are fabric covered. Is that just like an inch or two of 703 attached to the drywall or is there an air gap and all that?
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