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Plans and things, layout, style, where do I put my near-fields etc.

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Re: Supporting The Forum

Post by callaghan »

Just made a little donation, this forum’s such a precious reference :D
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Re: Supporting The Forum

Post by Bij »

Donation sent.
It is so great to learn acoustics and how to design and build a studio !
Thanks John and all the people here who give some of their time !
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Re: Supporting The Forum

Post by Driver »

Just made a small donation and also purchased Rods book.
What a fantastic resource!!
Looking forward to an exciting and rewarding project.


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Re: Supporting The Forum

Post by lowemae »

Been viewing this website for a while and its great to see everybody pitching in and helping each other out. I will for sure be donating. All of the information on the site is invaluable.
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Re: Supporting The Forum

Post by G.D.Matteoni »

This forum rocks!
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