New Studio Project In Australia.

Plans and things, layout, style, where do I put my near-fields etc.

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New Studio Project In Australia.

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Hello all,

I am looking to build a project studio in a shed in my backyard. After building the shed and treating it acoustically, I am looking to spend about $6000-8000 on a studio. I currently have close to nothing with the exception of all my instruments/amps, Fishman aura DI box and a few mics:

Sennheiser e838
Audix i5
Audix d6
Shure KSM27

I'm looking to build a basic set up to record/mix/master stuff similar to the sound of John Mayer or Dave Matthews and maybe some electronic music too. I need to get a computer of some sort too (mac or pc). I don't mind building one if I know what parts to get. Looking to use Pro Tools.


I want to be able to record guitar, bass, vocals and possibly drums (if this is a luxury out of my budget, I can track them elsewhere.) I want to be able to mix/master the songs. I also want to use it for live shows if possible with software instruments and midi.

So I guess my question is, What would you buy with that budget? Monitors, Pres, Additional mics, Computer, etc.

Thank you so much for your help!!!
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Re: New Studio Project In Australia.

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We build recording rooms around here. Construction, hammers, nails, wire, sheetrock, hvac, all manner of hard work :)

You may want to look into or for your type of questions.
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